Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.

Zirc is able to offer a wide variety of effective products for dental office organization and increasing procedural efficiency that will bring success to dental practices of all sizes. Not only does Zirc offer a large range of color coding dental products and effective techniques, Zirc is also home to the several unique and innovative products for dentists, dental assistants and hygienists. See why Zirc is more than just plastic - We are the only company to offer a complete color code system which organizes your materials along with your hand, bur and endo instruments. - We have the most color options available. - Our “Procedure Planner” tool creates a custom plan to organize your dental office - Our products are available at a economical price - We utilize an antimicrobial agent  in our products which resists the growth of bacteria and mold. - We are the only company to offer locking covers for Procedure Trays and Tubs which improves your infection control. - All of our products are designed with time~your time~in mind. Because while time is everything to you, you are everything to us.

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