129 years of dental experience

In 1887, Frank Ritter produced one of the world's first treatment chairs for the dental profession. In the 125 years since, Ritter has produced a long line of products that has changed the face of dentistry. 1912 Ritter introduced the "control panel" for the dental instruments, a major advancement and the beginning of modern technology in dentistry. In 1917 Ritter introduced the integrated treatment system; chair with control panel, drill, cuspidor, saliva ejector, tray table and air/water syringes - all instruments in one unit! This system delivered for the first time the modern dental system, the core concept of which has not changed even today.




Ritter Ultimate Comfort Dental Unit

“The Ritter Ultimate Comfort has all the features and quality that discriminating dental professionals expect from a high-end dental unit,” says Fred Battah, Ritter Dental USA CEO. “Whether you operate a dental clinic or dental spa, Ritter has a German-made dental unit or patient chair to fit your needs and budget.”

Some of the standard features of the Ultimate Comfort dental unit include the following:

  • Heavy-Duty Chair Frame with 550 lb. Patient Load Capacity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Left/Right Conversion
  • 3 Free Programmable Positions Total 5 Programs
  • Large Headrest and Double-Articulated Movement
  • Chair Swivel 45° Each Direction Left/Right
  • Hydraulic Chair Movement
  • 180° Left/Right Traditional Delivery System
  • Self-Contained Water System
  • Seamless Upholstery Available in 8 Different Colors

The Ultimate Comfort dental unit’s fully-integrated delivery system includes, but is not limited to the following components:

  • Halogen Light  Switchable to 8000 and 25000 Lux
  • Optional LED Light
  • Hanging Delivery System with X-Ray Viewer, Auto Lamp Switch, Safety Air Cut-Off Switch, Touch Panel with 3 Chair Programs, Adaptable for Left or Right-hand Use.
  • All Inclusive Foot Control with Chair Movement, 2 Programed Positions, Speed Control Pedal, Water Spray On/Off Switch, and Chip Blower Button.
  • Assistant Package with Saliva Ejector, High Volume Ejector, Air/Water Syringe, and Integrated Touch Pad Controls.

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The CleanTec is available with an 18 to 23 liter chamber size and is a "stand-alone" autoclave with built-in water storage tank. It works with a fractionated pre- and post vacuum and satisfies the requirements to "Class B+N"- autoclaves. The deep vacuum is created by a high performance double stage vacuum pump. The
deep post-vacuum ensures optimal drying of wrapped materials and large quantities of porous goods as well. TheCleanTec can be connected with the water treatment system to a water source and drain as an option. A printer for  documentation of sterilization is optional available.

Sterilizable products:

- solid instruments
- hollow instruments
- wrapped instruments
- porous loads

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Ritter dental compressors designed for maximum reliability

Based on worldwide experience, Ritter's extensive range of products covers any air requirements in a modern dental clinic - no matter whether the clinic has one or more dental units. Ritters Clean Oil-less Compressors supply 100{9779add11b377aa96515312879895432724f3009a8adbf2893ecc1f376cc29e6} oil-free air to the dental office environment. Ritter guarantees the clean, dry air you expect from a high performance drying system. Filters for sterile air and medical air are available. Ritter actually offers one of the largest dental compressors range from 0,5 HP to 10 HP. The compressors are designed for heavy duty cycles. Silenced versions are available, versions without acoustic covers have duty cycles of up to 100{9779add11b377aa96515312879895432724f3009a8adbf2893ecc1f376cc29e6}.

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Dental suction units with or without separation

Ritter is glad to introduce the new air ring aspiration range for dental use. The model range is composed by basic suction units, suction units with separation and versions in soundproofed cabinets. Ritter suction units are reliable products for professional dental use. The high quality of the dental suction pumps provides for an extensive operating life. The Ritter Vacuum Air series consists of 4 models from 0,37 kW to 1,5 kW. Models with separation are equipped with an electronic board for automatic container discharge.

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