MEDESY is the embodiment of the huge know-how spread over 6 centuries of the Maniago smiths’ art history, from the Renaissance to present-day. Surgical instruments are products whose “added value” is closely linked to the quality of the human resources. This value is the expression of the culture and passion of ingenious and industrious craftsmen, dedicated to their profession as if it were an expression of art. This is precisely the r reason why MEDESY enjoys an excellent reputation and is obtaining satisfactory results in many countries worldwide, gradually enhancing its presence on new markets and collecting further appreciation in all professional circles. All MEDESY instruments are manufactured only with high quality stainless steel and are accurately checked and verified during each manufacturing phase in order to meet the international requirements laid down by the norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and CE fully attesting their suitability for the use. MEDESY has so far successfully obtained the registration in several Countries, among which: United States, Canada, Russia, China and Brazil. MEDESY GUARANTEE - MEDESY instruments are guaranteed against any material and/or manufacturing defect, for the entire life of the instrument. Observance of the recommended cleaning, sterilization and lubrication practices will help to ensure the best product performance. Misuse, abuse, improper use or failure to properly care and maintenance will void warranty claims. All MEDESY instruments which would break or would present a functioning failure although utilized properly in total compliance with MEDESY use and maintaining advices, will be immediately replaced free of any cost and charge. 

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