Professional LED Light System

Comfortable Light - Free from the limitations of halogen and low colour rendering LED provides optimal healthcare environment. Considering the hospital environment demands accurate and precise surgical treatment, use a medical professional LED light source has been developed to best suit the user's eyes. Uses high colour rendering LED  that promotes eye health with a precise implementation of environmental procedures. Natural Light - Brighter illumination compared to the same high colour temperature. Enhances the focus of treatment.  Healthy Light - Our LED's do not emit ultraviolet and infrared, to prevent skin ageing caused by long exposure. Typical symptoms of skin ageing caused by UV exposure: redness, wrinkles, enlarged pores, as well as hair loss or even interference with hair growth. Safe Light - Ruby's LED is very small due to exhaust heat than halogen by minimizing heat transfer to the affected area to minimize the drying and coagulation of the tissue environment to implement a safe procedure. Luvis has less heat and noise. Ecological (= Economical) Light - Small LED light source lifespan compared to one-fifth the level of the non-power halogen Ruby's is about 50,000 hours.

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