Luxatemp Star - Temporaries that last.

Substantially higher flexural strength and fracture toughness - Improved initial hardness - Great adaption and fit - Outstanding aesthetics and colour stability - Faster curing - High biocompatibility - Suited for long term temporaries. For a look that's hard to beat. Luxatemp Star. For years, Luxatemp has been the material of choice for perfectly fitting temporary crowns and bridges worldwide. With the new Luxatemp Star, DMG has now made the best even better*! Luxatemp Star impresses with outstanding flexural strength and break resistance ratings and an improved initial hardness thus making temporary restorations stronger and more stable than ever before. The dauntless bite into a candied apple is no longer a toughness test, neither for the material nor for the relationship between the dentist and the patient. And, of course, something that lasts should also look good for the duration. Luxatemp Star’s exceptional long-term colour stability ensures that. Another plus: the material now reaches its final hardness even faster. The advantages Luxatemp has long been known for, of course, have not changed: highest aesthetics and excellent workability. Complementary to Luxatemp Star DMG offers a wide range of other premium products for temporary care – from glaze to cement.

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