LuxaCore Z - Core build-ups and post cementation.

cuts like dentine - extremely high compressive strength - excellent flow properties - reliable curing - one material for core build-up and cementation. Closer to nature: LuxaCore Z. When it comes to core build-up, build-up filling and post cementation, LuxaCore Z is one of the world‘s front runners. No wonder – the mechanical properties of LuxaCore Z are closer to those of natural teeth than any other material in its category. Outstanding characteristics: LuxaCore Z cuts like dentine. This allows particularly simple and precise preparation free from grooves. Thanks to genuine nanotechnology patented by DMG and the addition of zirconium dioxide, new top values for compressive strength and cutting characteristics have been achieved.  The high compressive strength gives stability under the crown. The right partners allow quality care to be provided perfectly: The LuxaPost composite post and the LuxaBond-Total Etch adhesive system give the dentist the best possible assistance.

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