Ionosit-Baseliner - Gap-free restorations

Unique compensation for composite polymerization shrinkage stress through controlled expansion - Fluoride release - Antibacterial properties - No complicated handmixing - Protects the pulp - Seals the dentine tubules - Prevents postoperative sensitivities - RadiopaqueGap-free restorations - Ionosit-Baseliner is the 'stress breaker' among the dental materials. This light curing active baseliner is the ideal one-component underfilling material for composite restorations.  Its active chemistry compensates for the shrinkage typical with composite fillings, prevents marginal gap formations, and, with that, minimizes postoperative sensitivities, microfractures and secondary caries. The material is radiopaque, provides fluoride release, and, due to its zinc content, has antibacterial properties. 

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