EcuSphere - A high-quality universal composite system.

Restoration system for all cavity classes - Optimal shade selection based on VITA® - Lasting esthetics Wide range of materials - Convincing handling features - Excellent sculpting properties. Reliable, user-friendly and highly esthetic – the EcuSphere system satisfies all the requirements placed on a high-quality composite. This composite line is characterized by the wide range of materials and by the large selection of shades with natural fluorescence. EcuSphere products facilitate long-lasting restorations, combining economic efficiency with superior esthetics. The system consists of four different composites – EcuSphere-Carat, EcuSphere-Shape, EcuSphere- Shine, and the light flow EcuSphere-Flow – all specially developed for specific applications.

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Great variety of shades - Excellent sculpting properties - Medium viscosity - Single and multi-colour layer technique - Natural fluorescence - Excellent polishing properties. For all cavity classes - EcuSphere-Shape is a reliable universal composite for all cavity classes and is an excellent partner for EcuSphere-Shine. Outstanding mechanical properties, such as high compression strength and abrasion resistance, combined with user-friendly processing features make EcuSphere-Shape a modern restorative material. Combined with EcuSphere-Shine, EcuSphere-Shape becomes an important component of highly aesthetic restorations. The large selection of 11 VITA® shades, an opaque material, and the possibility of combining it with three different transparent enamel replacement materials facilitate restorations with a lifelike appearance.

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High viscosity, packable - Excellent handling - Does not stick to the instrument - Good adaptation to cavity walls - Excellent stability - Natural fluorescence. Specially for areas with high chewing loads. Specially developed for areas with high chewing loads, EcuSphere-Carat fulfills the highest requirements with regard to both its mechanical material properties and its processing parameters. Highly viscous, tampable, and non-adherent, EcuSphere-Carat is very pleasant to work with; a fact that was confirmed by 83 {9779add11b377aa96515312879895432724f3009a8adbf2893ecc1f376cc29e6} of the participants in a survey among practicing dentists. Besides the material’s outstanding adaptation capacity, EcuSphere-Carat is very easy to form. Precisely-adjusted abrasion parameters prevent damage to antagonists.

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Enamel-like translucency - Excellent polishing properties at high filler degree - Natural fluorescence - Medium viscosity - Excellent sculpting properties - Shades with chameleon effect. The perfect symbiosis. The combination of EcuSphere-Shape and EcuSphere-Shine is the perfect symbiosis for highly aesthetic restorations in the anterior region. EcuSphere-Shine blends well with the smooth enamel surface and impresses with long-lasting, flawless results. The material properties of EcuSphere-Shine are perfectly tailored for a combined application with EcuSphere-Shape. EcuSphere-Shape allows for a precise reconstruction of the dentine core, and the enamel core can be restored with EcuSphere-Shine. The composite’s excellent translucency produces a chameleon effect. This is supported by the absolutely perfect polishability of EcuSphere-Shine, which also facilitates a flawless transition to the enamel. Therefore, the material is also well suited for the direct veneer technique. With its malleable consistency, EcuSphere-Shine is very pleasant to work with. Thanks to the integrated filler technique 'IFT', EcuSphere-Shine combines reliable mechanical properties with superlative aesthetic results.

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Fluid during and stable after the application - Direct application - Excellent polishing properties - Natural fluorescence - Opaque white for individualized applications - Low viscosity. The ideal addition. EcuSphere-Flow complements the EcuSphere-System perfectly and is particularly well-suited for minimally invasive restorations and cavity class V restorations. With its optimal viscosity, it fulfills all the requirements placed on an aesthetic flow material. And the Luer-Lock-Tips allow for a direct and precise application. All seven shades are perfectly tailored to the VITA® color system, and the special opaque shade allows the individual reproduction of a tooth’s natural appearance.

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