Contax - Better safe than sorry.

No additional etching with phosphoric acid - Priming and bonding are effected in only two steps - Secure long-term adhesion because of separate priming step - Reliable depth of demineralization - Very technique tolerant - No postoperative sensitivities - Compatible with all commercially available materials. Contax is a light-curing, self-etching, and self-conditioning adhesive system that ensures a high level of protection from sensitivities – deliberately in two treatment steps. A preliminary etching step is not required since this is done by the carboxylic acid contained in the Primer. Primer and Bond are separate components and can thus optimally fulfill their respective functions. The excellent resultant bonding properties are markedly superior to one-component adhesives. Thanks to the integrated etching step and the water-based Primer, the system is very tolerant regarding the applied technique and prevents postoperative sensitivities in the patient. You couldn’t be any more careful with your patient’s health.

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