The Sharpest Factory Edge, Ever. The unique characteristics of XP Technology produce a razor sharp edge, that starts sharp and stays sharper longer than any other stainless or carbon steel instrument available on the market. XP Technology instruments are the only sharpen free instruments in the world. Thinner Blade Design. When you get a standard stainless steel instrument, the blade is very thick to account for the sharpening it will require over time. Since XP instruments are sharpen free, they are thinner than stainless or carbon steel blades. This allows for easier access of periodontal pockets and interproximal areas for enhanced patient comfort. More Comfort, Less Fatigue. An instrument that is always super-sharp gives you superior tactile sensitivity, requiring a much lighter grasp. Only a slight amount of pressure is needed to slightly “plane” away calculus and tartar. Saves You Time & Money. When used properly, an XP instrument will outlast any standard instrument, which saves you money. By eliminating the need for sharpening, your time can be used more productively. Manufactured in the United States. We pride ourselves on providing the world’s finest quality dental hand instruments. Our focus remains on progressive, innovative dental products which allow the practitioner more efficient processes with added ergonomic comfort.

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