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MANI Instruments

Contributing to the world welfare through development, production and distribution of its products beneficial to patients and doctors. Our company is a maker of medical instruments, specializing in surgical and dental products, and has expanded into global markets. Our ideal is to contribute to the well-being of people all over the world through development, production, and supply of products beneficial to patients and doctors. In this development, production, and supply, we always bear in mind our basic policy: The best quality in the world, to the world. In order to realize this ideal and implement this policy, we have created our own original technology, and have endeavored since the establishment of our business to identify and meet the needs and requirements of the market. It is thanks to the technologies and skills that we have accumulated over the years through research and improvement that we are able to manufacture our current products. We attach great importance to employees being equipped with these skills and having the ability to study, acquire and refine them. In addition, we would like to further open up our company to society. We are confident that our current products are of the highest quality in the world, but naturally do not assume that they leave nothing to be desired. We aim to further improve our response to doctors’ requirements by adding new products to our range. Seeking doctors' opinions and reflecting them in our activities is a duty indispensable in realizing our ideal and implementing our policy. We hope you will provide us with guidance and encouragement.

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Explanations of MANI devices and instruments

Surgical eyed needle

This is a needle used to suture after incision. These needles are sold as is, without thread, which is attached in the operating theater.

Suture (with needle)

Sutures are used to sew up tissues and skin after surgical incision. This product is packed and sterilized before shipment. The product is disposable and is opened and used in the operating theater.

Skin suture equipment (stapler)

Medical equipment to suture the cut area of the skin surface. Stainless steel staple needles are used to suture.

Ophthalmic knife

Surgical blades for eye operations including corneal and scleral incision.

Deep suture equipment

Used for deep and narrow sites that normal needle holders and needles cannot reach

Stainless steel wire

Used for fixing and closing the sternum during open surgery.

Bone saw

Saw for cutting bone in orthopedic surgery consisting of a thin stainless steel wire coated with diamond grain.

Vessel knife

Knife used for heart surgery involving blood vessel bypass.
An exfoliation-type vessel knife is used for removal of the fat layer on the coronary arteries.

Eyeless needle

An eyeless needle is a component of a surgical suture which requires further processing at the customer site, such as suture attachment and sterilization. Eyeless needles have a blind hole and become non-reusable once the suture is attached.

Reamer, File

Hand- or power-operated cutting instruments used to enlarge the root canal, which runs through the center of the tooth and contains dental pulp such as nerves and lymphatic vessels.

Cleanser, Broach

Instruments used to remove infected pulp from the root canal. By wrapping with cotton, they can also be adapted for drying and disinfecting the canal.

Carborundum point, Silicone point

Instruments used for finishing and polishing of artificial teeth and restorations.


Instrument used for cutting and shaping of dentin. Also used for removal of prostheses.

Carbide bur

Instrument used for cutting and shaping of dentin. Also used for removal of prostheses.

Stainless steel bur

Used for cutting and removal of softened dentin.

Peeso reamer

Engine-driven instrument used for enlarging and shaping of the root canal orifice.

Dental EG post

Material used for core retention of a tooth which has lost large amounts of structure.

Dental stereoscopic microscope

Through magnified images, allows more precise treatment of areas difficult to observe with the naked eye.

Microfile, Endo holder

Instruments designed for shaping the narrow root canal while ensuring good visibility with a microscope.