For: Adults and children from the age of +- 10 years.

Filaments: Extra-soft, soft and medium, 4 row. Densely concentrated pattern for optimal cleaning.

Brushhead: Compact, optimal access due to special brushhead design.

Handle: Long handle with a narrow neck.



Visor Loupe

The optical-grade acrylic lenses are recessed to reduce scratches. The loupe swings down from a lightweight leather headband (approx. 54 grams) with tangle connection, which fits every head. The magnifier can be easily and quickly put on and off. It may be used in combination with regular spectacles. Lactona Visor loupes are ideal for close-up work in the oral cavity or at the lab bench.

Available in 2.5 X, 4 X and 6 X magnifying power.



Blue Floss 

Utilizing the Blue Floss (50 mtr) the white plaque can easily be noticed. Both products are lightly waxed, impregnated with fluoride and have a fresh mint flavour.