With the rising incidences of Hospital Acquired infections (HAI) that are resistant to an ever increasing range of antibiotics and disinfectants, a next           generation product is essential to maintain the levels of cleanliness and hygiene that has become the prerequisite in our day and age, especially considering the statistics of immuno-compromised hosts.

Pathogenic micro-organisms rapidly spread outside of the hospital environment and become a cause of great concern.

The BRONOCIDE range constitutes an effective toolbox of infection control products for dealing with the transmission of pathogenic organisms.

Whilst the development of new antibiotics is needed to combat these infections in human beings, transmission of infection from the external environment needs to addressed just as aggressively.

The BRONOCIDE range of products provides a FULL SPECTRUM disinfectant to deal with this huge problem. Bearing in mind that the prevention is always better than cure!

More than 20 years of testing has failed to produce any strains of micro-organisms that are resistant to BRONOCIDE.


Bronocide Group

“These beautifully colour coded Bronocide products will provide your industry with the required levels of infection control and residual protection.

We understand in this day and age that pathogens and drug resistent strains of micro-organisms are threatening our practices .

So stop the onslaught and get Bronocide.”