Biorepair® the toothpaste that repairs tooth enamel

Although on the surface most teeth look healthy, daily wear and tear causes hundreds of tiny flaws to appear in tooth enamel. Over time, plaque and bacteria can form in these flaws and can lead to more serious damage such as tooth decay and sensitivityBiorepair® works to repair tooth enamel, prevent decay and reduce sensitivity by filling in the tiny cracks and binding to the structure of the enamel.


Biorepair Plus Sentsitive Toothpaste - It decreases the dental sensitivity and repairs the enamel. It eases the pain caused by the brushing and hot or cold food and beverage. The patented Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth formula acts on the dentin in order to reactivate the dentin tubules protection, reducing the problem of sensitivity.- 100ml - No Fluoride - No Titanium Dioxide - No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - No Parabens - No Abrasive Silica

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Biorepair Junior Toothpaste - The microRepairs® are composed of Hydroxyapatite: the similar substance which teeth are made of. They bond to the enamel surface and remineralise it. They prevent decay and bacteria by releasing Zinc ions. The innovative and delicate Biorepair Junior formula makes it safe to use for children under 6 years of age without adult supervision. - 50ml - It remineralises and repairs with microRepair® - Recommended during the use of dental equipment - It contains 15{9779add11b377aa96515312879895432724f3009a8adbf2893ecc1f376cc29e6} active principle - It has an exquisite strawberry flavour - It does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - It does not contain parabens - It is suitable for all ages

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Biorepair Plus Total Protection Toothpaste - It repairs the enamal surface, protecting the teeth health from plaque, tartar and dental decay, and acid erosion.The toothpaste Biorepair® Total Protection Plus acts specifically in order to repair the enamal surface, filling the microscratches present on it.- 100ml - No Fluoride - No Titanium Dioxide - No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - No Parabens

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Biorepair Plus Paradont Gel - This toothpaste is perfect in cases of inflammation of the oral mucosa that protects your gums every day. The first microRepair® based toothpaste for sensitive gums. MicroRepair®. Zn(PCA)2: antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant with anti-plaque action. Hyaluronic acid: anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. Lactoferrin: antimicrobial. Plant extracts: Hamamelis (astringent and healing properties), Calendula (decongestant and moisturizing properties), Spirulina (anti-inflammatory and toning properties). - 50ml - No Fluoride - No Titanium Dioxide - No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

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Biorepair Whitening Toothpaste - Biorepair Whitening Toothpaste repairs the enamel surface and restores the natural whiteness of teeth. It restores the natural whiteness of teeth and protects them from plaque, tartar build-up, cavities and acid erosion. - 75ml - No Fluoride - No Titanium Dioxide - No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - No Parabens

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Biorepair PRO Active Shield Toothpaste - Immediate attack on bacteria, continuous defense of enamel.The innovative formula of Biorepair® PRO Active Shield prevents formation and developments of bacteria thanks to combined action of Zinc PCA, active ingredient that acts on bacteria presents into oral cavity interfering with their metabolism, and Xylitol that reduces Steptococco Mutans concentration, main causes of cavities. Moreover, microRepair® repairs microscratches of enamel preventing bacterial penetration. - 75ml - Prevents tooth decay - Prevents plaque - Removes and prevents tartar build-up - Keeps breath fresh - Repairs enamel and dentin microscratches

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1. Repairs tooth enamel - 2. Prevents decay - 3. Reduces sensitivity

How does Biorepair® repair tooth enamel? -  When you brush your teeth with Biorepair®, microRepair®microparticles of hydroxyapatite are released. Hydroxyapatite is virtually identical to enamel and that’s what makes Biorepair® such an effective enamel repairing toothpaste. These microRepair® microparticles are so small, they can get into the tiny cracks and crevices on the surface of your teeth often caused by acid erosion. They then fill in the cracks and bind to the enamel – actively repairing tooth enamel. “Biorepair® fixes flaws in teeth by filling tiny holes. With daily use, your teeth will be healthier definitely something to smile about!” - Professor Noberto Roveri, Doctor of General Chemistry at the University of Bologna , Italy. Repairing tooth enamel - The microRepair® microparticles act on tooth enamel by filling in microscopic fissures, scratches and surface enamel lesions, smoothing out any roughness and repairing the surface, making the tooth look more radiant. Preventing decay - By filling in the tiny holes to repair the damaged enamel surface, the microRepair® microparticles help to prevent plaque and bacteria from forming and leading to more serious damage such as tooth decay. Reducing sensitivity - The microRepair® microparticles strongly bind to the tooth enamel and fill in the tiny holes, forming a protective layer over any exposed nerve endings. This gives effective long-term relief from dental sensitivity.

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 Biorepair Prophylaxis:


Stomyprox - Prophylactic Polishing Paste

STOMYPROX prophylactic polishing paste with microRepair® is used for the treatment of sensitive teeth and for polishing in the field of professional prophylaxis. Acting stain and polish, Stomyprox paste is able to repair the enamel, occluding the dentinal tubules and carrying out a desensitizing. STOMYPROX polishing paste prophylactic microRepair® is available in two particle sizes: - End (orange): ideal for finishing and polishing the surface of the teeth. - Media (green): ideal to remove pigmentation and to polish the surface of the teeth. Indications: It is indicated for the treatment of sensitive teeth and for polishing in the field of professional prophylaxis. - Buy: Stomyprox Melon - Buy: Stomyprox Mint


Stomysens - Desensitising and Repairing Varnish

Stomysens is a suspension-based microRepair® and is designed to provide treatment for physical occlusion of the tubules and for dental remineralization of tooth enamel. Thanks also to the mechanism of release of zinc ions by microRepair®, Stomysens has an effective antiseptic mouth on protecting the tooth from the attack of bacteria. Directions: You mentioned before and after the procedure of scaling, root planing and reduction of dentinal sensitivity. - Buy: Stomysens